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• Why Study Abroad in Colombia?

CHACO Travel's high school student travel programs and university travel programs are well organized, safe, and engaging trips that offer students an unforgettable experience and a new perspective on life and the world.


CHACO Travel educational trips are fully customizable to meet the specific needs of high schools and universities. The lengths of the trips can range from a few days to several weeks. The emphasis on academic study can be adjusted as well, including trips dedicated Spanish language, music, economics, history, and art.


All of our trips include a local experience manager, clean and safe accommodations, in-country transportation, meals, and a full-time educational itinerary. Our experience manager serves multiple roles as a local guide, event and transportation coordinator, and point person for anything that our guests need to be comfortable and safe.

Our choice of accommodations depends on the requirements and budget of our guests, but they will always be safe, clean, and conveniently located.


Providing meals also depends on the requirements and budgets of our guests, but guests will always receive quality, nutritious meals that provide the energy for full days of engaging activities. We have experience meeting the needs of many guests with various dietary restrictions, including vegetarians and those with gluten-free diet requirements.


Experience Colombia’s authentic culture on a customized educational trip program. Contact us to discover your Colombia educational travel program options.

Colombia is an ideal destination for educational travel. The security situation has improved significantly in recent years, making Colombia a safer destination than ever before.


Furthermore, the complex conflict and instability of Colombia's past, combined with the almost unprecedented success story of its pacification and progress, makes Colombia a prime case-study for a wide variety of academic fields.


Colombia is also an extremely diverse country, in terms of people, culture, physical geography, and biodiversity. Every city and region of Colombia has a unique culture and atmosphere, with something distinct to offer and something new to learn.



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