If you want to go to Cuba, going with CHACO Travel is the best way to go. They customize the adventure for you in order to experience Cuba's people, food, music and history. I feel like a got a ‘backstage’ educational tour of Cuba from all our tour guides!

Mike Sidon - Denver, CO​

I ended the trip with a much different picture of Cuba and the people and their way of life.... Thank you, CHACO, for providing us with such a wonderful, educational and ‘real’ Cuban experience.

Lucille - Philadelphia, PA

The tour was beautifully done. The tour guides were knowledgeable in many different areas - history, current events, dining shopping, and more. The restaurants chosen for us were often conversions of private homes and were charming and delicious! Our accommodations were also converted homes and were lovely, and the people working there could not have been nicer. We had some fabulous surprises such as attending a rehearsal of the state orchestra, visiting a local artist's studio, and having lunch with a Cuban family in their home. The trip was a perfect blend of scheduled events, tours and free time. Not to be missed!

Joan Holmes - Denver, CO

The trip to Cuba was CHACO Travel exceeded my expectations as we experienced ‘life in Cuba’, not a tourist trip. The guides were exceptionally knowledgeable and forthright—and observing the Cuban economy first hand was enlightening. The Cuban people are warm and engaging.

Patty Pacey - Denver, CO

(Vice Chair of Rocky Mountains PBS, Colorado)​

We went through the back door with your guide and leaders... I couldn’t be happier with my Cuba experience and I couldn’t have done it without CHACO Travel.

Robin Sadler - Denver, CO

Just got back from a trip to Cuba with CHACO Travel and it was probably one of my favorite trips. Grant was professional and friendly, found the best guides in town and took care of every detail down to finding us the newest, hippest restaurants in Cuba. Every single tour was amazing. We loved the art, the people and the culture. I would NEVER go to Cuba without CHACO Travel.

Traci Sidon - a Travel Agent in Denver, CO

Grant, Casey and CHACO Travel organized a fabulous trip focused based on our requests of Art, Architecture, and especially Jazz music... just the best!

Terri Willis - Denver, CO​

In sum, CHACO Travel put together the perfect trip to Cuba. We were able to connect with people of various backgrounds and learn about the history, culture, and architecture of Cuba, all while supporting local entrepreneurs and citizens. I hope to return soon!

Kristin - New York, NY​

One of the best trips I have ever been on. Grant and Casey are extremely knowledgeable, organized, friendly, efficient, and fun! I highly recommend this company to anyone looking for a trip they will never forget.

Rachel Goldenhersh - Columbia, MO​

Through CHACO Travel, I really believe that we were able to see the true Cuba and connect with its people. It demystified the lens through which we, as Americans, saw this island country through.

Cat - Phoenix, AZ​

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